Solar power specialists serving Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

PV, thermal, battery and EV charging


Domestic new build, 4.03 kWp
PV: 13 x 310W all black PV Modules
Tesla Powerwall with backup gateway
Est Annual Generation: 3179kWh

Banff solar panels


Domestic new build, 4.2 kWp
PV: 14 x 300W Black Frame PV modules
Thermal: 2 x AES Luminary Collectors
Extras: Tesla Powerwall 2
with backup gateway
Est Annual Generation: 3313kWh

Huntly solar panels


Commercial new build, 18 kWp
PV: 63 x 280W All Black Panels
Est Annual Generation: 14202kWh

Solar panels Aberdeen


Domestic retrofit, 7.52 kWp
PV: 23 x SunPower E20 327W Mono Black Frame; Inverter: SolarEdge
Extras: Tesla Powerwall with backup
Est Annual Generation: 5888kWh

Does solar work in Scotland?

This is perhaps the question we get asked the most. And here’s the answer:
Solar panels only need daylight not sunshine, so even when it rains, they’re generating energy.
Scotland is a powerhouse for Solar PV and Thermal users.

New build in Huntly

SolarScotia, purchased by AES Solar in 2012, is based in the North East of Scotland, serving Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

We specialise in Solar Thermal and PV installations for domestic and commercial customers with an extensive portfolio of large and small installations.

We offer services to the construction industry, architects and installers for new build, retrofit, ground mounts and off-grid systems.

Solar PV

Solar PV, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire

Harness the power of the sun and convert it to electricity. Solar PV provides free electricity in daylight hours.

Solar Thermal

Heat your home with solar thermal panels, and reduce the need for costly gas, oil or electrical heating.

Battery Storage

Save the solar energy you don’t use with batteries. Ideal for night-time or heavy usage, such as EV charging

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What our customers say…

Since installing solar panels, increasing my loft insulation and changing to a condensing boiler I have reduced my gas bill by 50 %. The time of hot water heating by the boiler has been reduced to 2.5 hrs per day, from 12 hours per day!! I believe that SolarScotia give a really good service coupled with competent, sound advice.

Mr Daniels, Stonehaven

The solar panel and associated tank are working well and providing us with all our domestic hot water, except on very cold, cloudy days. After the grant, it should pay for itself in 3 to 4 years – and will become even more economic as energy prices rise. We were guided meticulously through the choice of panel, and hot water tank, to suit our situation and the installation took just a few days.

Mr Daw, Newmachar

From the time of the first consultation visit to the final completion of our solar water heating installation SolarScotia impressed us with their customer first approach. The manner in which advice was given both on the installation and claiming the available grant was excellent. The standard of work also impressed us in that at every stage concern was shown to keep inconvenience to a minimum and to ensure the cleanliness of the work areas at all times. All in all a ‘Proper Job’!!

Ian and Barbara Patterson, Insch